Case Study – Christina

This Case Study is to demonstrate how I can assist my clients. This is based on the clients own particular

Christina became a client in 2017 she was working part time and unhappy with the commute and her
concern was whether she would be able to retire early at the age of 55 and maintain the Standard of Living
she currently enjoyed.

She was 52 at that time and was looking to retire in 2020 – 3 years time and at age 55. Being slightly older
than her husband and having no dependents, her self sufficiency was a major concern for her.
What help did I give?

Initially, there were several Pensions that she already had and she was contributing into a Personal Pension.
All of her Pensions were reviewed as to performance, charges applied and ensuring that the relevant
holdings were in line with her Attitude to Risk.

Her current expenditure was ascertained and it was determined that there were certain expenses she would
no longer pay once she had retired – travel expenses, etc.
We constructed a plan to achieve her goals. These included consolidating her pensions on to a lower charge
and more flexible arrangement and obtain a State Pension forecast.

Upon her regular annual review it transpired the client was entitled to a substancial amount of Pension
capital from her divorce settlement this was transfered into her existing Pension.
Having completed a budget forecast my client would be able to live comfortable within her personal tax free
allowance on an annual basis, has her husband had a good job in management, and he intends to carry on

In the knowledge that we had a target to achieve it was decided that the client would contribute a larger
monthly contribution into her Personal Pension which helped work towards her goals.
Christina will actually retire at age 55 and will have no mortgage to pay. The clients intension is to have a
flexible drawdown contract in order to take upto 25% tax free cash and strip out an annual income under her
tax free allowance. Her existing Pension is more than sufficient in order to continue to enjoy the same
living standards that she currently enjoys – and in fact more monies to have even more holidays, that she

Now she is relaxed in the assurance that her income will be maintained at a level whereby she can do all
those things she had her heart set on. With future regular reviews, I will look at the performance of her
Pension and she now has peace of mind that she will enjoy her well earned retirement.

Case Study compiled by Mr Kevin Fletcher, Independent Financial Advisor for over 30 years.